Confused dealings of a straight mind

The sky mirrors my mind

Gloomy it is inside and out

done my bit, i have cried and whined

How do you fast forward pain, how do you force it out.

Pain is a weird thing, it demands to be felt

From the inside to out, always a mighty presence

Like falling down stairs, there’s nothing svelte

But that’s the whole point, that’s the brilliance.

She ripped my heart out, put it up on a plate

Random dressings, random tales, random stories, random names

Life still moves on, it doesn’t know to wait

Every second a new story, every minute another flame.

And perspective doesn’t help, only provides that.

Flashback’s another bitch, highlight-reel more than gaffe

You try to be chill, try to act like a cool cat

But every memory brings back her laugh.

But I am more than one person, more than one heartbreak

More than textual breakups, more than made-up future

I deserve more than just sizzle and no steak

someone smarter, more patient, not the wrong answer.

So, here i go, a lil smarter, not too much

Still young at heart, though not in the head

More hearts to break, rebounds and such

can’t be scared to fall, cannot be dead.


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