Bengaluru Brewery Run

The movie ‘The World’s End’ might not be remembered for much. Meh acting, meh story, meh meh meh. But it did give one young lil boy the idea to do something, for a change. Yes, this same little boy would then gather friends from near and far and embark on a highly fun-filled, slightly dramatized, and increasingly alcoholic journey though some of Bengaluru’s finest micro-breweries.

The plan was made as soon as I hit Ctrl+Q on my VLC. We just had to do it. I mean, how could a beer lover, not connoisseur, not do anything about this plan. How could even the most persisted procrastinator since the guy who did the Easter Island statues not do justice to this most sober of brainwaves. I would have done myself, the beer lovers’ union, and the spirit of doings great disservice. Me and friends were to visit all 4 micro-breweries in a day, grab a drink at all of ’em, and have a jolly good time doing it.

The well-crafted itinerary for the Run.

The well-crafted itinerary for the Run.


Map – check

Driver – check

Funds – check

People – che…ck (I had an Army man showing up from Kerala to join in the festivities just that morning)


Toit Brewpub

Toit BrewPub

Toit BrewPub

The decision to start with Toit was very simple, location-wise, place-wise, et al. So, while we gorged on Toit Red, Tintin Toit, Toit Weiss, and Dark Knight, we started wondering why we didn’t make this trip before. A lot of theories were exchanged but I managed to successfully divert them all elsewhere thus ensuring no consensus was reached. Oh well !!

We would have easily just spent the remainder of the day there if it wasn’t for the Army man’s reminder. Bill paid, we set off.


Arbor Brewing Company

Arbor Brewing Company

Arbor Brewing Company

I had last visited ABC for a friend’s birthday and it was one of the most magical experiences ever, and trust me, i don’t throw around that term like some muggle. Weirdly enough, just cos we had decided on this run didn’t qualify us for seats at all the pubs (go figure!!). After some cajoling, we got seats on the assurance that we would leave after our drink. It was Belgian Tripples for all of us as I got around to explaining the connection between this establishment and its main branch in Ann Arbor. Good beer, Good times, on to the next one.


The Biere Club

The Biere Club

The Biere Club

I had reservations about this place because of the less than yay feeling we had when we last went there. But since they did brew their own beer, we had to go. Situated in the posh Lavelle Road area, it was quite difficult to find a place to park the car, save some abandoned corner. The situation was no different with our individual asses either. Packed to the brim and bustling like a Thai street on coke, Biere Club was just a haze of sparkling lager for us. Posh locale aside, this is the only place where we took a breather to let the different alcohols talk to each other and share stories. Not my best idea, but not my worst either. Chale Chalo bhai log.


Prost Brewpub

Prost Brewpub

Prost Brewpub

A simple brewery, no big fanfare and all, just the right amount of tasty beer and shady’ness, Prost was our penultimate stop. Koramangala situated, it has many a times been my hangout for solo hangings. Coming down heavily on their ales, apple ciders, and lagers, we forgot how many french fries we had had till one of us pointed at the stack of plates. Realizing quickly that we ran the chance of missing the final piece of the puzzle, we hastily made our way to Windmills Craftworks. Ofcourse, since Bengaluru doesn’t really care about our debauchery, the traffic was a killer. But call it divine intervention or just God’s way of letting me catch a break, we reached there on schedule.


Windmills Craftworks

Windmills Craftworks

Windmills Craftworks Beer Pourer

My most favorite place in Bangalore to drink, alone or with people, this pub is just the most amazing place to be at. Home to the best beer I have ever had, the awesomely named Hefeweizen, I have always recommended this beer to all the people I know. In addition to some of the best beef cooked outside Kerala, this place also has the perfect level of volume (yeah, im that kind of guy), letting you converse in peace even while enjoying drifting periods. Rounds of tequila followed the customary Hefeweizen after which we were just synonymous with some chapter of the international Mutual Appreciation Society, with everyone finding some way to praise the others.

Windmills Craftworks

Windmills Craftworks

Without doubt, one of the best single trips I have taken, yet. Just the trouble we had to go through to make the dates match was enough to make one crazy, but by God, I would do this again in the blink of an eye.

Arz kiya hai

Beer, beer, beer, beer

When chilled, you bring joy; when warm, tear

Close friends, you make interesting; enemies dear

Doing away with inhibitions, you dissipate fear.

Red, black, light, or golden

A better shoulder, or more delicious, there is none

Turning left legs into right, and fives into nines

Weird is this mistress, within you who confines.

Thanks Bengaluru, home to pubs galore

You gave me 5 breweries, I’ve heard there are two more

Oh soon, you will see, a new post will rise

Same happiness, same me, just a different guise.


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